Unlimited Shopify management for your fashion brand.

One flat monthly fee.

Get dedicated Shopify experts to help you maintain, run and improve your online store. Save time and focus on your products and marketing, we take care of the rest. 


Unlimited requests. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

We're experts in: 

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Grow your brand with a dedicated eCommerce assistant, on demand.

Whether you’re an established brand or just getting started, you'll get a dedicated account manager, who will get to know your brand inside out to deliver the highest quality assets, every single time.

Technical assistance

Store management

Let us manage your Shopify or Shopify Plus fashion store with day to day operations. From products upload to app research, we can help you take care of everything needed to run and improve your eCommerce.

Tailry will take care of: 

Design assistance

Design & Development

Our team of experts can turn your ideas into code and images made to convert. Give us the contents and we'll craft them with pixel perfection quality.

Tailry will take care of: 

Managing your Shopify store shouldn't stress you out.

We make it easy. 

Big or small, simply add your tasks to your personal client portal: we’ll handle everything.

#1 - Submit your requests

In just a few clicks, you submit your request through your personal client portal, or via email. We'll assign your task to a vetted store assistant who best matches with your brand and needs.

#2 - We do the work

Your store assistant will work for you every business day, sending updates and taking care of your tasks as fast as within 24 hours.

#3 - Approve and publish

Upon your approval, we'll publish or send your assets along with the native source files and make them accessible anytime through your client portal.

Our customers

"Thanks to Tailry our team can now focus on what really matters in growing our brand. They saved us an insane amount of hours we can use to concentrate on our products and marketing campaigns."

Piero Righetto

Co-founder & CEO, sapopa.com

Essential Plan subscriber

"Tailry promptly addresses all of our technical requests about Shopify. It is almost like having a Shopify consultant in house! Definitely a game changer, highly recommended."

Silvia Avanzi

Founder, graymattersnyc.com

Pro Plan subscriber

Simple, Fair Pricing

Get the help and skills of a professional eCommerce Assistant and a developer without paying the average $3000 fee.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.



Save 10% for life!


Best for anyone who's looking for occasional help, or an insurance in case of emergency.

3 store requests
2 hours development
3 days turnaround*
1 task at a time
Unlimited email & chat support
1 priority request



Save 10% for life! 


Best for individual and small businesses with on-going basic store needs.

10 store requests
5 hours development
2 days turnaround*
1 task at a time
Unlimited email & chat support
2 priority requests



Save 15% for life! 


Great for businesses that are looking to streamline their daily e-commerce operations. 

Unlimited store requests
10 hours development
Same day turnaround*
Multiple tasks at a time
Unlimited email & chat support
Priority support

Scared to try a new service? We got you. With Tailry you'll get a
one week free trial.

#1 Submit your tasks.
#2 Get them done.
#3 Take all the outcomes for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further question, don't hesitate to contact us. 

Who is it for? 

Tailry is for anyone who needs a reliable store assistant on a recurring basis but is not looking to have a full-time in-house department. With Tailry you get a vetted and trusted professional to help you with all your technical needs without breaking the bank. We work with emerging and affirmed brands in fashion, direct to consumer products, dropshipping and marketplaces.

What does it mean "X days turnaround"? 

Every plan is treated equally, what change is the priority we give to clients and their tasks. Whether you are in the Micro, Essential or Pro plan, we'll work on your task as soon as we receive it, however, Pro plans have priority over Essential plans, and so on. We do our best to deliver in a timely manner, but in the end, we're all humans.

What about newsletters? 

Newsletter are the gold mine of every business. We can help you turning your contents into beautiful tempaltes ready to be sent. We can work with Mailchimp, Klavyo, Sendgrid and many more tools. Send us your draft with images and contents, we'll take it from there. 

Can you resolve express tickets? 

Yes. If you have an emergency, during the week or the weekend, you can submit your task and have it done with immediate priority for an additional one time fee. 

What are requests? 

Requests are all the tasks relating to store management, such as product updates and upload, inventory management, setup Shopify apps, promotional banners, landing pages, newsletter design, etc. You can request as many tasks as you need and your dedicated assistant will work on your request from Monday to Friday.

Requests need to be broken down to the smallest viable piece, but other than that, you can ask pretty much anything. Let’s say you’d have to redesign all transactional emails, it would be one request for each email, not one request “redesign all emails”. 

What are development hours? 

Development hours are used to fix bugs on your store, perform minor design tweaks, build integrations with external services, or any other task that require coding. Once you submit your development task we'll get back at you with a quote to let you know how many hours the task will take to complete. Upon your approval we'll start working on it. If your task require more hours than your plan allows, you can buy additional hours. Unused hours will roll over your current month and can only be used if you're still subscribed. 

Am I safe giving you access to my store? 

Absolutely. Shopify allow store owner to create collaborators account with limited (or full) access. It's up to you. We'll ask permissions only to what's strictly necessary to manage your store. We won't have access to any of your payment info, financials or any sensitive data.

Do you offer marketing, advertising and customer care services? 

No. Our experience can indeed guide you on best practices to follow, but we don't offer marketing and paid advertising services, or customer support. You can connect us with your experts and we'll be happy to assist and collaborate with them to build and setup all they need.

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