Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for? 

Tailry is for anyone who needs a reliable store assistant on a recurring basis but is not looking to have a full-time in-house department. With Tailry you get a vetted and trusted professional to help you with all your technical needs without breaking the bank. We work with emerging and affirmed brands in fashion, direct to consumer products, dropshipping and marketplaces.

What is the turnaround time for tasks? 

Every plan is treated equally, as soon as we get your request, we'll start working on it. We do our best to deliver in a timely manner, but in the end, we're all humans.

What about newsletters? 

Newsletter are the gold mine of every business. We can help you turning your contents into beautiful tempaltes ready to be sent. We can work with Mailchimp, Klavyo, Sendgrid and many more tools. Send us your draft with images and contents, we'll take it from there. 

Can you resolve express tickets? 

Yes. If you have an emergency, during the week or the weekend, you can submit your task and have it done with immediate priority for an additional one time fee. 

What are store requests? 

Requests are all the tasks relating to store management, such as product updates and upload, inventory management, research and installation of Shopify apps, collection management and anything regarding the store management. Store requests does not include development and design. You can request as many tasks as you need and your dedicated assistant will work on your request from Monday to Friday. 

Do you offer design and development services? 

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us and explaining what you need to get done, and we'll get back at you within 24 hours.

Am I safe giving you access to my store? 

Absolutely. Shopify allow store owner to create collaborators account with limited (or full) access. It's up to you. We'll ask permissions only to what's strictly necessary to manage your store. We won't have access to any of your payment info, financials or any sensitive data.

Do you offer marketing, advertising and customer care services? 

No. Our experience can indeed guide you on best practices to follow, but we don't offer marketing and paid advertising services, or customer support. You can connect us with your experts and we'll be happy to assist and collaborate with them to build and setup all they need.

Tailry is the dedicated digital Expert you can write anytime to maintain, run and improve your Shopify store and get professional image retouch for your online business. 

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