Professional Content Marketing for eCommerce.

Tailry offers a full range of content marketing services such as original content and SEO copywriting for e-commerce and any other commercial website.

Nowadays, content marketing is the best and at the same time the most affordable tool to reach new heights in the infinite battle for lead generation. You only need the perfect partner on your side: you need Tailry.

Let's talk together: no one better than you can explain what you want to convey to your customers. We’ll take care of your seeds and transform them in beautiful (and lucrative) plants.

Our specialists will produce for you 100% original, SEO optimized content for:

Every single word of content for your new or existing e-commerce.

Let professional writers create for you the perfect content to describe the goods or services you're offering. Tailry's content is aimed to boost visibility on Google and drastically increase conversions.

eCommerce Product Description

Over the years, managing hundreds of digital stores in many sectors such as fashion, here at Tailry we developed extraordinary skills in creating effective eCommerce product descriptions. We constantly keep in touch with the evolution of Google search algorithm, significantly boosting our customers' stores lead generation.

Landing Pages

Every new landing page deserves the best content possible: professional copywriting will give to your new pages the authority and credibility needed to grab the attention of your customers. Tailry has a great experience in building landing pages to promote new products and product lines for existing e-commerce websites; this landing pages feature cutting edge SEO content.

Blog posts and interviews about any aspect of your business

How to describe a new product to your customers? Which is the better way to get in touch with your audience in the right way about a new service designed by your team? We have all the answers.  

Articles for webzines about your company and vision

Tailry's content specialists are able to underline each and everyone strength point of your business. Just describe us in few sentences your company and let us do our magic. 

Email and newsletters

Even the best product needs the right words to attract the attention of your customers. If managed in the right way, email marketing still offers an extraordinary potential, too often underestimated. 

Posts for social media

Any social has its silent rules: let us choose the right tone in any different circumstance, to drastically increase conversions and boost your brand awareness. 

Simple, fair pricing.

Pick your plan. Send us the images and get them done. Once you run out of image credits, buy a new plan.


The best way to get started: let us start building your business's web reputation.


1700 words (up to 3 posts/month)

Content production
Editorial calendar
Keyword analysis
Case study & advices
Unlimited revisions


At your disposal, all the professional content your business needs.


5000 words (up to 8 posts/month)

Content production
Editorial calendar
Keyword analysis
Case study & advices
Unlimited revisions

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Tailry is the dedicated digital Expert you can write anytime to maintain, run and improve your Shopify store and get professional image retouch for your online business. 

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