Tailry photo retouch service

Over the years, one of our specialties working with fashion brands has been image retouch for eCommerce product images, style look books, social media assets and photography


Tailry Photo Retouch service offers:

- Ecommerce product photo editing

- Social media assets production and editing

- Background removal

- Product color changes

- Skin retouch

- Basic and advanced color correction

- And any other retouch that involves the improvements of your images

On December 8th, we'll launch the professional photo editing and production service at fixed price.


No matter the type of retouch needed, customers will be able to buy bundles for a number of images, at a fixed price and delivery within 24 hours.

Want to give us a try? Fill the form below and get one sample image retouched for free.

Whenever a client request a retouch, Tailry will send a sample free of charge within 24 hours to make sure all the requirements are correctly understood. Once approved, the remaining images will be delivered within 24/36 hours.

We already have a good number of satisfied clients, from emerging designers to major brands. At Tailry we want to give the opportunity to anyone who wants professional imagery for their brand to do so at a great price.

Thanks to the free trial, all our customers will see the difference between amateur photo editing and the professional service offered by Tailry.


Tailry is the dedicated digital Expert you can write anytime to maintain, run and improve your Shopify store and get professional image retouch for your online business. 

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